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A modular revolution

The web is full of beautiful ideas and services. Ludus One is the first to provide an easy way to gather them all in a single place.

Just press tab and search for the block you want, then add it in your slides. It’s as easy as that.

A limitless list of services is integrated. You are now able to combine a YouTube video with a form, merge a map with a quiz, or embed a JavaScript console into your programming lesson.

Everything can be mixed together.

Minimal UI

Maximum efficiency

Less is more. We work hard to maximize the UI space, giving you the opportunity to do a lot with only mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop.

We believe that a few great choices are better than many poor ones. We’ll only show what makes sense depending on the current context, instead of showing everything all the time.

100% shareable

Ludus One is a pure web-based tool. So whatever you do, you’ll be able to share it instantly with anyone. More than sharing, you can work together on the same file simultaneously.

We believe in styles

Every object in Ludus One can be styled and re-used across your presentations. You define the colors, the fonts and we generate the styles of the objects. It will be great by default, but of course, it’s just the default. You can go much further if you want to.

Smart copy & paste

You can copy and paste links from several sources and it will be directly embedded within your document. Even better; if the original source changes, Ludus One will keep updating it unless you decide to stop.

Drag and drop (almost) everything

You can drop an image, a video and even a font. Ludus One will convert it to something universally readable. Say goodbye to compatibility issues when you share your highly creative presentations!

Drag and drop video

Limitless ways to create content

Dynamize your presentations or workshop materials. Directly add Framer or Invision prototypes into your slides. Create scrollable text to preserve the look of your presentation. Add ratings and comments to your designs & UX proposals. If you use Dropbox links, you don’t need to update your layout pictures in the presentation, it’s updated automatically!

Screenshot designer

As a developer, you can share your knowledge in a smart and interactive way. Obviously, if you paste code it recognizes the programming language and highlights it accordingly. You can also create coding blocks, and allow your readers to write code and get direct output. If you’re already doing that elsewhere, no worries, we also support CodePen, JSBin and JSFiddle by default. If you know what you’re doing, you can go a step further with Ludus One: access and edit the CSS properties of any object to make your presentation truly unique.

Screenshot developer

Transform your static presentations into something alive and much more engaging. Create interactive charts, display live content and play with the values in real-time. Go straight to the point by defining styles for all your objects at once. Embed anything just using copy and paste. Share it seamlessly, and even get usage analytics on your presentations. Isn’t it magic?

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Request beta access right now
And get early access!

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