We are Ludus

Our story, chapter One.

Ludus is not just about beautiful slides. For most people, presentations are just a marketing tool. It’s one possible usage, but for us, it's not the entire picture. We see them as a way to communicate, to collaborate, to learn, and to play. That’s why Ludus aims at being the single destination for content creation and sharing, by gathering the best of the web in a simple and intuitive tool for everyone. We see the web as a big box of LEGO® bricks, and Ludus as the place where you combine them together to create fun but meaningful content.

We want to achieve this in the most simple and elegant way possible. This means focusing on what really matters. We don’t want to spend all our energy on providing the most advanced text editing tool, the most powerful image filters, or the most amazing transitions. Instead, we want to reuse what already exists, and focus on making Ludus as open as possible. We want to build a platform where developers and designers will soon be able to share their incredible work with the community.

In the long run, our ambition is to build a new paradigm for knowledge sharing. We believe that technology can do good and actually make a huge difference in education. But this is an entirely different story, probably the chapter Two (or Three).