We crafted beautiful features


Blend modes

16 different blend modes are supported, including multiply, screen and overlay.

Color overlay

Cover an image with an opaque or semi-transparent color.

Color picker

Click and drag your cursor inside the picker area to choose a color. Input Hex or RGB values to search for a specific color.


Add some outlines to your objects and choose the color and thickness.

Drop shadows

Add a shadow to your objects and choose the size, orientation and blur.

Rounded corners

Add rounded corners to your shapes.

Smart guidelines

Get your objects on the right place with the smart guidelines.


Zoom in and zoom out your presentation to work the details or have a general overview.


SVG images are supported by default, alongside JPG, PNG and GIF.

Smart resize

Make your text objects bigger or smaller and in any orientation like it was a shape.


Use different drawing brushes to create beautiful artworks inside your slides.

Coming soon.


Trim and remove unwanted portions of your pictures.

Font upload

Upload your own fonts to Ludus, through OTF and TTF files that are automatically converted to web fonts.

Google Fonts

Use any of the 800+ Google Fonts in your presentations.

Multiple styles inside text

Use different styles within one text object to highlight important words.

Depth management

Send your objects to the back or bring them to the front with dedicated buttons or keyboard shortcuts.


Smart copy and paste

Duplicate any objects to get faster at building your presentation. You can also directly paste URLs from your clipboard to embed third-party contents.

Drawing recognition

Use the pencil to add shapes and text objects much faster in your slides.

Drag and drop

You can drop an image, a video or a font and it will convert to something universally readable.

Keyboard shortcuts

A list of keyboard shortcuts is available and ready to use, adapted to your working habits.


You made a mistake? No problem. Just press Cmd+Z.



Paste a link to a picture from your Dropbox into your slides to transform it into a smart link: if this picture is modified it gets magically updated into your slides.


Include your best GIFs and animated stickers into your slides.

Embed anything

Easy integration of several third-party contents, such as YouTube or Vimeo videos, or more advanced services like Dropbox, GIPHY, Framer, InVision or SketchFab.


Get your presentation anytime, anywhere, on any device. Edit it on your computer or iPad and share it by sending a URL link.

HTML/PDF export

If you happen to be at a place without any Internet connection, you can still use our HTML/PDF exports that work perfectly offline.

Web and cloud based

Ludus is accessible on the web allowing an access everywhere without the need to install anything on your computer or device. All your data is automatically synchronized and securely stored on our servers.


Collaborate on the same presentation without getting in the way of each other.


Password protection

Add a password to your presentations to limit the access.

Custom URL

Create custom URLs for your presentations.


Smart blocks

Create smart blocks with your objects so they can be used on other slides or other presentations.

Upload and convert video

Your videos are automatically converted to the most common video formats so they can be viewed on any device.


Add hyperlinks on your objects to go to an external website or skip to another slide.